Teaching at Studio XII

I’m happy and excited to say I am now teaching the basics of Adobe Illustrator at Studio XII for the next year.

The Studio offers a 3 or 4 year course in graphic and lettering design and can host no more than 20 students. Each year, there are 3 terms of 10 weeks each. It’s all about exchange. Exchange between people, cultures, images and ideas. That’s why the Studio is opening its doors to everyone interested in the lettering arts. Working with others will allow students to discover new ways of working and thinking about design in general.

Studio XII have now changes to European Lettering Institute.

The European Lettering Institute, set up by a team of professional lettering designers, is a unique place, combining education and creative entrepreneurship. The school is directly linked to Studio XII.

The programme offers students a full training in lettering & graphic design, aiming to develop a thorough practical knowledge of written, carved, handdrawn and digital letterforms, in a historical and contemporary graphic context.

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