Camera Calibration

Although essential, colour control is often overlooked by photographers.

What the digital camera sees is not necessarily what the human eye sees. To make sure it is, you need to use calibration software and digital colour checkers.

Monitor Calibration

Consider monitors to speak languages.  If one speaks Spanish and the other speaks Chinese, it’s easy for them to chat and misunderstand each other.  Calibration makes sure they speak the same language.

All my monitors are calibrated by myself using professional hardware and software calibration tools. The profiles generated enable me to view your photos in the best and more importantly the correct colour environment possible.

Printer Profiling

Printing is a big part of your finished art work.

I calibrate every new paper type I use with hardware and software calibration tools to make sure what I see on screen is what you get on paper.

Colour Space

Though you do not need to know how it’s done it’s important to know it’s in good hands. Understanding colour work spaces, gamut warnings, RGB and CYMK profiling are key.

Whether the design work or photo output is on photographic paper, printing with a print-house or for the web: I know what colour space it needs to be in.

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