Carl Deprez

Brightening up a bare wall with an attractive picture of the family – it is a dream of many. A classic photo of a romantic beach scene is nice, but couldn’t it be more original? With Chris we exchanged views. After a good chat we came to this daring concept: a colourful cloud of dust. We look back on a surprising shoot with a splendid result.

“Now our wall shines through Chris’s craftsmanship.”

Carl Deprez


The Deprez family approached me for a family photo shoot. Originally they had the idea of doing a location shoot at the beach with the idea of having a colourful group image to go in their kitchen dining area. Somehow I convinced them to go for something a little more colourful and unusual. Bring on the holi powder!


We did the shoot in a derelict building due to the amount of mess we would be creating. Every part of my equipment was covered in protective plastic sheets. By the end of the setup it looked more like a scene from ‘Breaking Bad’ than a studio photo shoot. I love people who are up for an experiment and a laugh.

Holi Powder

The idea was to have 5 colours, one for each member of the family. Each person would stand face forward ready for the powder to hit them on the side of the face. A healthy amount of powder was put in a tray and then thrown at their face time and time again. A lot of anger and frustration was released during the event.


The images were highly edited. Skin tones reduced and colours enhanced but I wanted to keep some of the movement and energy in each shot. The final edits were dramatically cropped and placed separately side by side. I chose Dibond Plexiglass for the framing style to give an amazing modern minimalist finish.

Project Images

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