Love what you do and do what you love

I am lucky enough to do the job that I love, surrounded by a family that loves me.

I love meeting new people and creating photos that bring smiles to their faces. I love the technical knowledge I have gained from being in a high tech industry and I embrace and pride myself on mastering them. I love pushing my boundaries and breaking into new industries. I love working late into the night with cans of red bull helping my body just about cope before it gives out and I fall asleep nose down on my keyboard. Well maybe I don’t love that one as much.

But I do hope that you see this love for my work when I reveal your photos. I hope you see that I do go the extra mile (or kilometer in your case) to make sure that everything I produce is the best it can be.

I work hard to give

A Unique Experience


Love what you do and do what you love. A cliché, but true. Contact with clients, making sure your story comes to life, and seeing the smile on your face when you go home with a great result: I’m a happy man.


My company is small, it’s just me. Every client is important and gets a personal service. You tell me what you’re looking for or we find out together.


Though you do not need to know how it’s done it’s important to know it’s in good hands. I assemble my own computers, use professional tools and know how to do my job.

Professionally Qualified
Award Winning Photography

The working environment pushes photographers like never before to develop our photographic and digital skills, requiring us to become not only a photographer but also a visual artist. A challenge I’m eager to take.

My favourite photos

  • "Een verrassingsshoot voor een verjaardag...? Chris was meteen enthousiast en zat mee in het complot. Het contact met Chris verliep vlot en aangenaam. De kinderen waren in de wolken! Een zeer leuke ervaring en een geslaagd geschenk."

    The Withofs Family

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