Maud Bekaert

I’m a letter carver. I work on commission and make artwork. In my work, I’m looking for beauty, boundaries, differences & similarities. For perfection & chaos.

“It’s nice to work with another perfectionist.”

Maud Bekaert


I was commissioned by Maud to take high quality photos of her new jewellery collection. She needed teaser photos, product shots and model shots. All within a tight time frame. The range needed to have a clean modern look and feel.


I had the idea of a dark environment for the teaser image. A suggestion of something to come without giving away too much. The key light being the only light source giving a soft matt finish to the photo.

Product Shots

Product shots were shot all in one go using the nikkor 60mm 1.1 macro. Each necklace was placed over a pole. To get the product in the same position for each image, I marked width and length points. The key light was a small softbox directly over the top. I used black card to block out unwanted light.

Model Shots

Having a beautiful partner does help when you have a tight deadline. We shot the model shots late one evening and they were edited the following morning. The overall product was done in 3 days fitting around existing work.

Project Images

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